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How to choose a qualified PVC ball valve?

How to choose a qualified PVC ball valve?

The ball valve is a control component in the fluid conveying system, which has the functions of diversion, interception, regulation, throttling, prevention of backflow, diversion or overflow pressure relief. The valve is an important control element of the pipeline. It is very important to choose the most suitable valve for the pipeline system, which is related to the safety of the pipeline, flow loss, cost, etc. It is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of the valve and the steps and basis for selecting the valve. PVC ball valves are usually used in water supply or irrigation pipelines to cut off the flow. PVC ball valve includes PVC ordinary ball valve, PVC double union ball valve, PVC single union ball valve, PVC MxF thread ball valve.

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Before choosing a PVC ball valve, we need to clarify a few points.

a.) What is the use of PVC ball valve in pipeline or equipment installation?

b.) etermine the nominal diameter of the valve and connecting piping.

c.) Determine how the valve is connected to the connecting pipe: glued, threaded, or flanged.

e.) Identify the fluid medium in the pipeline, pipeline pressure and temperature.

f.) Determine the geometric parameters of the selected valve: structural length, thread specifications, flange connection form and size, bolt hole size and number of connections, overall valve dimensions.

For a good PVC ball valve, the spare parts must use suitable new raw materials. For example, the valve body is made of new PVC, the handle is made of new ABS, and the sealing material can be based on the fluid medium. Generally, EPDM is used as the sealing material.

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 Inspection steps

1. Check whether there is a size mark on the ball valve

2. Check whether the color of the valve body is consistent. We can judge whether the raw material of the valve is dried during the production process by the color of the valve, and the injection molding cooling shrinks the same.

3. Manually switch the PVC ball valve and feel whether the torque required for switching the PVC ball valve is consistent. Inferior ball valves will feel lag and stuck during the opening and closing process.

4. Whether the valve has been leaked and pressure tested after assembly.



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