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3 Factors That Impact The Lifespan Of PVC Ball Valves

PVC ball valve is the optimal solution for on/off control in general water supply or agricultural irrigation. Improving the service life of the ball valve is our key concern.

How to improve the service life of PVC ball valve, the material of the accessories of the ball valve is an important factor in determining the service life of the ball valve

1: suitable handle material 

The ball valve is opened and closed by the rotation of the handle. The life of the handle determines the life of the ball valve. Many ball valves used in agriculture and water supply are directly exposed to direct sunlight and are affected by ultraviolet rays and weathering. We all use ABS material for ball valve handles. After comparison, ABS material handles have a longer life than PVC and PP. Many inferior ball valve handles are made of PVC, which causes the handle to break during rotation.

PVC ball valve with broken handle.png

2: the material of the sealing ring 

Generally, the material of the sealing ring is EPDM or NBR. Affected by the acidity or alkalinity of water and other influences, the best sealing material is TPFE, which has much better acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance than EPDM or NBR. PTFE is used as the sealing material of the ball valve, which greatly reduces the performance degradation of the ball valve due to the sealing material. And reduce the service life of the ball valve.

Different material sealing ring for PVC ball valve.jpg

3: the roundness of the ball core and the valve body 

The ball valve is closed and opened by rotating the ball core 90 degrees in the ball valve body. The ball core is placed in the mold when the ball valve is injection molded. If the ball core itself is not close to 100% circle, the friction between the ball core and the ball valve will increase during the closing and opening of the ball valve. A long time will increase the wear of the ball core and the sealing ring, reduce the sealing performance of the sealing ring, and greatly shorten the life of the ball valve.




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