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CPVC PN16 Pipes & Fittings

Lead time: 30 days around
MOQ: 10ctns
Delivery: Ocean or Express
Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
Place of origin: China


CPVC is obtained by chlorination modification of PVC resin and is a new type of engineering plastic. The product is white or light yellow odorless, odorless, non-toxic loose granules or powder. The chlorine content increases after PVC resin is chlorinated. The irregularity of molecular bonds increases, the polarity increases, the solubility of the resin increases, the chemical stability increases, and the heat resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oxidant, and other corrosion resistance of the material are greatly improved.

The maximum operating temperature of CPVC products can reach 93-100 ℃, which is 30-40 ℃ higher than that of PVC. At the same time, it improves the chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of PVC and can resist strong acids, strong alkalis, salts, fatty acid salts, oxidants, and halogens. chemical corrosion, etc.


1. CPVC material is Hygienic, and non-toxic, with no dirt, algae, or other microorganisms during use, and no secondary pollution to the medium.

2. Compared with a metal pipe, it can avoid secondary pollution caused by rusty water and dirt of metal pipe.

3. Strong corrosion resistance: can withstand most strong acids and strong alkalis.

4. Smooth inner and outer walls, no scale accumulation, small friction coefficient, and high water flow.

5. The density of the material is only 20% of that of steel products, which is easy to transport and easy to install.

6. CPVC fittings can be used in systems that convey high-temperature or corrosive liquids, such as those used for chemical processing, electroplating, hot water heating, water distribution, and fire extinguishing.

Please Note :

That the pipe is installed inside the fitting and we measure the outside diameter when measuring the pipe and the inside diameter for the fitting.

CPVC PN16  Pipes                       CPVC PN16 Coupling                    CPVC PN16 90Deg Elbow             CPVC PN16 45Deg Elbow  

CPVC PN16 Pipes.png    CPVC PN16  Coupling.png    CPVC PN16 90Deg Elbow.png     CPVC PN16 45Deg Elbow.png

CPVC PN16 Equal Tee      CPVC PN16 Reducing Tee       CPVC PN16 Male Adapter        CPVC PN16 Female AdapteCPVC PN16  Equal Tee.png        CPVC PN16 Reducing Tee.png   CPVC PN16 Male Adapter.png   CPVC PN16 Female Adapter.png        

 CPVC PN16 Union              CPVC PN16 End Cap               CPVC PN16 Flange             CPVC PN16 4 way Cross                   

CPVC PN16  Socket Uion.pngCPVC PN16 End Cap.png     CPVC PN16 Flange.png CPVC PN16 4 way Cross.png

CPVC PN16 Van Stone Flange         CPVC PN16 Y Tee               

CPVC PN16 Van Stone Flange.png       CPVC PN16  Y Tee.png

CPVC Sch 80  Pipe Fittings Applications: 

Chemical processing,



Fire pipeline.

CPVC True union ball valve for industrial wastewater treatment.jpg

Our production workshop:

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1. What is your MOQ?   

Our MOQ is usually 10 CTNS.   

2. What is your delivery time?   

The time of delivery is around 30-45 days. 

3. What is the shipping port?  

Shanghai、Ningbo、 Xiamen、Shenzhen、Guangzhou 

4. What are your payment terms?  

We accept 30% T/T in advance,70% against the copy of  B/L, or 100% L/C.

5. How should I contact you?  

You can contact us with Trade Manager or send us an email by clicking Contact Supplier bottom.

6. What is the location of your company?

Our company is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. If you would like to visit, you are much welcome.

7. How about the samples?  

We could send you the samples, most samples are free to send to most places in China. If sent to other countries, transport fee should be paid by you.

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1. Any inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours  

2.No leakage, pressure PN 10;  

3. Well and high-quality control ;  

4. Environment-friendly, non-toxic, good-looking, and long service life;

5. Lightweight, easy to handle and transport;

6. Soft colors and excellent design, suitable for installation either exposed or hidden;  

7. Wonderful ability in chemical corrosion resistance;  

1. Genuine products with excellent quality and competitive prices.

2. Cooperating with customers all over the world and knowing the markets very well.

3. We are a reputable company, the company has passed BV and SGS third-party certification.

4. After- Services will be highly-satisfied. Any problems and feedback will be answered in a short time.


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