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PPR Pipes For Drinking water

Lead time: 30 days around
MOQ: 1000M
Package: Cartons Box
Delivery: Ocean or Express
Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
Place of origin: China


1)Medium: Water

2)Material: PPR

3)Connection: Heat welding(DIN/CNS),


5)Size:20 mm – 110mm

6)Standard: DIN/CNS

PPR is the abbreviation of pentatricopeptide repeats, also known as random copolymer polypropylene (PPR). Its products have good toughness, high strength, excellent processing performance, and good creep resistance at higher temperatures.

PPR pipe, as a new type of pipe, has the following performance characteristics.PPR hot water pipes are thicker than cold water pipes.


1、hot and cold water systems in buildings, including centralized heating systems.
2、heating systems in buildings, including floor, wall panel and radiant heating systems.
3、Pure water supply systems that can be used for direct drinking.
4、Central (centralized) air conditioning system


1)Energy-saving PPR pipes are only 20% of steel pipe in production energy consumption, and only 1/200 of steel pipe, which will greatly reduce heat loss when applied to hot water system.
2)Corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, sanitary and non-toxic. As the PP-R component is simple, the basic ingredients are carbon and hydrogen, in line with food hygiene regulations, non-toxic, more suitable for drinking water transmission.
(3) heat resistance, pressure resistance, long service life PP-R pipe long-term use temperature up to 95 ℃, short-term use temperature up to 120 ℃. Under the condition that the operating temperature is 70℃ and the working pressure is 1.2MPa, the life span can be more than 50 years in long-term continuous use.

(4) Light weight, high strength, low fluid resistance PPR pipe density is only 1/8 of metal pipe, pressure test strength up to 5MPa, and good toughness, impact resistance. Due to the smooth inner wall, no rust, no scaling, low fluid resistance.

Please Note

1. The hardness and stiffness of PPR pipes are not as good as metal pipes, so attention should be paid to protection in handling and construction to avoid unnecessary losses.
2. PPR pipe has certain low temperature brittleness below 5℃, so care should be taken in winter construction.
3. Do not press or knock the installed pipes, and cover the parts vulnerable to external force with protective materials if necessary.
4. Good quality hot melt tools must be used in the construction so as to ensure the quality of welding.
5. The fittings need to be cleaned up during the construction process, do not let the sand and dust affect the quality of the joint.
6 PPR pipe is easy to age and deteriorate under long-term ultraviolet radiation, it must be installed outdoors or under direct sunlight with a dark protective layer.
7. After welding is completed, the test pressure of cold water pipe is 1.5 times of the working pressure of the system, but not less than 1MPa; the test pressure of hot water pipe is 2 times of the working pressure, but not less than 1.5MPa. 



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