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U-PVC 22.5° Elbow With Rubber Ring

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Package: Cartons Box
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U-PVC 22.5° Elbow With Rubber Ring

1. Material: UPVC
2.Size:225mm to 315 mm
3. Color: Grey
4. Connect: Socket
5. Standard: DIN
6. Pressure: PN10
7. Temperature Range:-15°C-45°C

PVC pipe fittings are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
1) Water supply;
2) Recycled water;
3) Irrigation;
4) Sewerage treatment;
5) Drainage;
6) Rainwater pipelines;
8) Industrial applications;

PVC Fitting With Rubber Ring Advantages

1. Compared with metal pipes, UPVC pipes have strong chemical stability, strong acid, and alkali resistance, no rusting and scaling, no secondary pollution.

2. UPVC pipe inner wall is very smooth, fluid resistance is small will not excessively reduce water pressure, effectively improve the ability of water transmission.

3. UPVC pipe for water supply has good water pressure resistance, impact resistance, and tensile strength.

3、Healthy and non-toxic, using environmentally friendly resin materials and non-toxic stabilizers, so it will not damage the water quality, affecting human health.

5. Lightweight, the density of UPVC pipe is one-fifth of the general cast iron pipe, easy to transport and load, and the use of special adhesive or elastic word seal sleeve, installation and construction are simple and fast.

6. Pipe and pipe fittings with a rubber ring, better sealing performance.

U-PVC 22-5° elbows are equipped with rubber rings at both ends, which can directly insert the lubricant on the pipe diagram into the pipe fittings, saving labor costs and time. Mainly used for PVC pipe connection, the pipe is changed from a branch line to a 22.5-degree connection, changing the fluid direction and optimizing the pipeline layout.

 The PVC Rubber Ring Joint Fittings are manufactured in national standard GB/T10002.2-2003, and their performance can meet ISO 4422-3:1996 standard.

The PVC Rubber Ring Joint Fitting are available in sizes from DN 20mm to 400mm with a pressure rating of PN10.

U-PVC 22.5° Elbow With Rubber Ring Drawing .png

90105.50 92.50 88.50 95.00 110.00 
110125.70 111.50 108.00 122.00 152.00 
160181.50 162.30 158.00 141.00 168.00 
200225.00 202.50 197.00 152.00 178.50 
225251.50 227.50 221.00 139.00 196.00 
250276.50 252.30 247.00 152.00 212.00 
315347.80 318.30 312.00 198.00 257.00 

PVC Faucet Flange     



UPVC 90° Elbow With Rubber Ring


 PVC Rubber Ring Joint Fitting Packing

UPVC Rubber Ring Joint Fitting Packing.jpeg


1. Our pipe fittings are made of new PVC raw material, non-toxic and lead-free, and can be used for water supply.

2. We send the same quantity of products free or send payment back once customers find a problem when getting goods.

3. We will reply to you within a workday and come up with solutions within 5 workdays when we receive your claim.

4. We will reply to you within a workday when receiving your inquiry.


1. What is your MOQ?   

Our MOQ is usually 10 CTNS.   

2. What is your delivery time?   

The time of delivery is around 30-45 days.

3. What is the shipping port?   

ShanghaiNingbo XiamenShenzhenGuangzhou

4. What are your payment terms?  

We accept 30% T/T in advance,70% against the copy of  B/L, or 100% L/C.

5. How should I contact you?  

You can contact us with Trade Manager or send us an email by clicking Contact Supplier bottom.

6. What is the location of your company?

Our company is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. If you would like to visit, you are much welcome.

7. How about the samples?  

We could send you the samples, most samples are free to send to most places in China. If sent to other countries, transport fee should be paid by you.

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2.No leakage, pressure PN 10;  

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4. Environment-friendly, non-toxic, good-looking, and long service life;

5. Lightweight, easy to handle and transport;

6. Soft colors and excellent design, suitable for installation either exposed or hidden;  

7. Wonderful ability in chemical corrosion resistance;  

1. Any inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours

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